The ashes of a loved one can be incorporated into a sculpture to create a memorial that will last forever.  This could be sited indoors or outdoors and be easily portable therefore ensuring that your loved one is always close by.

Anything that holds sentimental value, a lock of hair, wedding ring, or pressed flowers etc can be included into your memorial design by encapsulating it within a clear glass resin. 

By sealing into glass resin the ashes or object could be visible and touched by light. Additionally, metallic flakes can be used to add sparkle and LED lighting can also be used to create a subtle effect.


By incorporating the ashes of a loved one in a garden sculpture you will be able to keep them close when you move home and will not have any ongoing costs associated with the retention of ashes at a burial plot.  In addition, rather than being entombed away from the world, your loved one will still be connected to the changing seasons and touched by the light of the sun, moon and stars.  

Your sculpture can be carved according to your requirements please contact me for further information.