By commissioning a sculpture you will become part of the creative process, from material selection to the design itself.  You can be involved a little or a lot, it's your choice!  You will be kept updated with the progress of the piece and photographs of the development of the sculpture will be taken regularly throughout its evolution to completion. Having a piece of art that has been brought into existence specifically by you is an uplifting feeling and knowing that it will be around for decades or even centuries makes it a part of your legacy.  

Whether you already have a specific idea for a sculpture in mind or if you are looking to discuss outline requirements for a bespoke piece, I can work with you to produce a unique work of art that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.  Commissions are costed according to the cost price of the materials used and the amount of time (in hours) required to produce them.


Please contact me to discuss your requirements.  All quotations are free of charge.